Influential horsewoman

As one of the most influential horsewomen in the Mid-Atlantic states and recently in the Gulf-South, Dorothy shared her joy and knowledge of dressage, eventing, horsemanship and teamwork with many who became lifelong riders. Dorothy was amazingly creative, hardworking, clever and she delighted in learning and teaching. What a huge loss she is to all of us.
– Susan Reichlin

Friend to many

A true horsewoman, a friend to many. She lived her life on her own terms always. I learned so much from her as so many have. She leaves a legacy with the many talented riders she brought along…you will know who they are by their excellent geometry in the dressage ring ! She was one of a kind, she was my friend and she will be missed. Leave the light on Dorothy, rest easy.
– Lorri Poireaux

Like a beloved sister

Dorothy was one of those friends who made me feel like I had gained another beloved sister. Despite her health challenges, she was always kind, cheerful, upbeat and working to make sure those around her had as smooth a day as she could help provide. I loved staying in touch with her throughout the year, and having her stay in my home whenever she was in the area and when she was technical delegate at USEF/USDF dressage shows held at Houghton College Equestrian Center.

Dorothy was firm, fair and kind in her even-handed enforcement of rules as a technical delegate at dressage competitions. She was kind and quick to share information and procedures with competition staff that would help make the running of a dressage competition more efficient and user-friendly.

– Jo-Anne Young

Friendship, loyalty, wit

Deeply moved to learn that Dorothy has left us. I will miss her friendship, loyalty, and wit, her down-to-earth common sense, and her dedication to horse sports. She was kind, a comfort and a decent human being in a world where complexity, greed, self-centeredness, competitiveness, and meanness are all too common.
– Mary (Molly) Moon

Great advice

I’m so shocked to read this. Dorothy was the TD for our recognized dressage show several times over the years and her farm was one of the first places I showed at when I started riding dressage back in the early 90s (a lifetime ago). She always was cheerful and had such great advice and offered assistance wherever needed. My most sincere condolences to her
– Sherry Morse

Riding, gardening, fox hunting

I was saddened to here of Dorothy’s passing. We had some great conversations about riding, gardening and fox hunting when she came to the Island for our shows. Everyone enjoyed her amazing energy. She was fun!! We’ll All miss her! Tally ho Dorothy.
With Sadness, Mary Mulcahy, President, Long Island Dressage Assoc

Fond memories

I have many, many fond memories of Pony Club lessons and events with Dorothy on her farm. She hosted lessons, clinics, competitions, and rallies almost all the time when I was growing up in the 90s. Some of my most clear memories are galloping and jumping in her big event field, and lessons in the field and indoor arena. I’m very sad to hear of her passing.
– Jessica Rowland

Talented, charming, brilliant

“You know what might be fun?” was a phrase of Dorothy’s that could be the introduction to the setting up of a new series of bouncers or a clever exercise that she had created to facilitate the successful execution of a dressage movement or going over to Weeden’s to observe a member of the British eventing team giving a clinic to local riders or the possibility of taking a dressage lesson from a member of the US dressage team.  There was never a dull moment at Sunny Brook Farm, where Dorothy was the trainer in those enchanted horsy days and Debbie and a variety of Pony Clubbers  were always on hand.  Rebecca assumed the ride and ownership of (Dorothy’s daughter) Debbie’s pony, Toby as Debbie moved on to Gypsy, whom she evented with great success. We all looked forward to the days when Jana trailered in for lessons with her mare, Devil.  

Dorothy competed and trained with the best riders in the US and her standards were always high.  She was clearly one of the most knowledgable professionals in the area and essential to the success of the ESDCTA and the Amwell Valley Event.  In a lesson with her, she would enthusiastically rejoice at a student’s success and she never failed to make the point (sometimes over and over) when the rider needed correction.  When Dorothy took Jana and I to a series of shows, we reaped the benefits of her very effective and knowledgeable training methods.  One of us usually came in first and the other was second.  To be honest, each of us was just as happy if the other got the blue ribbon or if we got the red one.  Clearly, that can be attributed to the team spirit always exemplified by Dorothy.  Then, there were the gems of wisdom that we lived and breathed.  The one that comes to me on a regular basis and that has served me well is, “go forward to get out of trouble”.  This is also very valuable advice in terms of riding as is also a life lesson.  Dorothy has always continued to progress forward in her career and has been honored many times for her excellent riding and training including wining the USDF Gold Medal.  She is currently a highly respected and very busy R dressage judge.  Knowing her reputation many riders continue to seek her out for lessons and training.  There are countless people of all ages who owe Dorothy their very much enhanced lifelong relationship with horses.  What a remarkable gift this talented, charming, determined and brilliant woman has given us.  Thank you, Dorothy.
– Susan Reichlin