Profound impact, amazing teacher

It’s taken me a few days to decide what I want to write about Dorothy. What are the right words to say to someone that profoundly dictated (is there any other word?) who you are, what you stand for and your uncompromising commitment to solid, safe and correct horsemanship? How do you thank and express the appropriate gratitude to the person who’s voice (and at times LOUD voice) is in your ear every time you swing your leg over a horse – from the second your seat hits the saddle until you arrive safely on the ground again? Dorothy was an amazing teacher and she forgot more than I have ever learned about horses and dressage long before I met her in 1984. She was unrelenting in her pursuit of solid basics and excellent horsemanship. She taught an entire generation of students to never compromise. The ribbon, the next level, the competition was never as important at the path. Every ride I take, every lesson I’ve taught continues her legacy. I hope she’d be proud. RIP – I hope you are resting among peers that use their leg, go forward, keep the rhythm, get IN the corner and for the love of god can do a proper 20 meter circle.
– Paige Cherry Diroberto

One thought on “Profound impact, amazing teacher

  1. Dorothy left an indelible impression on my childhood. I can still see her pacing off the distances to place the dressage letters before a lesson or setting up caveletti. I can still hear her voice rising (in frustration?) at something that hasn’t come quite come together. And I can still hear her voice radiate when whatever wasn’t working finally went right. She was a demanding teacher and a perfectionist. There really wasn’t anything better than Dorothy recognizing the results of a good effort during a lesson, especially for a young rider like me, because you knew the praise was genuine and deserved. I’m so sorry that she is gone. My heart goes out to Deb and the rest of Dorothy’s family.


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